Bio - Pino Shah

Pino Shah, Architecture and World Heritage Photographer


A photographer of architecture, world heritage and performing arts, Pino Shah based in McAllen, Texas, and, Ahmedabad, India. Pino graduated from Pan American University (now, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley) with an MBA in 1992.  He worked on high profile information technology projects in the healthcare sector in the Valley and across the US.  He also worked extensively in digital, online media and publishing. 

In 2009, Pino began traveling and working around the U.S. and abroad. He returned to the Rio Grande Valley in 2016 for two reasons:  he believed that it offered the finest quality of life, and he felt at home with the Hispanic people and the culture.  Pino had decided to pursue his passion for photography as a business venture and started photographing historic architecture on a full-time basis. He was drawn to the unique architecture of the Rio Grande Valley, which had an unusual diversity of architectural styles for a single region. 

Pino committed himself to the visual preservation of historic architecture and impressing upon the future civic and corporate leaders the importance of preservation. When he did not find comprehensive visual documentation of Valley architecture in an easy-to-read format, he resolved to create publications in print and eBook format to reach the younger generation as well as adults. 

To date, Pino has achieved part of his goal with the publication of four books: Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: An Introduction (the top 40 examples of Valley architecture), Quinta Mazatlan: A Visual Journey, Brownsville Architecture: A Visual History, and, McAllen Architecture: A Visual Journey.  The eBooks are available through 40,000 retailers and over 50 eBook platforms worldwide.

After viewing Pino’s architecture photography online, Stephen Fox, architectural historian, Fellow of the Anchorage Foundation of Texas and a lecturer at Rice University, agreed to be the adviser for Pino's projects. Stephen wrote the narratives for Architecture of the Lower Rio Grande Valley: An Introduction.  Eileen Mattei, a writer in Harlingen, Texas, who was drawn to Pino's work, is the writer for the other two books.

As part of Pino’s World Heritage series, he published the books Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Galveston Architecture: A Visual Journey.  The latter was sponsored by Galveston Historical Foundation which provided the narratives for the book.

Pino continues to explore Mexico, Europe, the Middle East and India as part of his ongoing World Heritage series photography project that will culminate in future publications. He has a presence on all major social media platforms under @ArtByPino,, and can also be reached at (956) 492-7140.