Books on historic architecture and preservation by photographer, Pino Shah. The books are on Galveston (Texas), Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque of Abu, Dhabi (UAE), Quinta Mazatlan (McAllen, Texas), Brownsville (Texas), and, the Lower Rio Grande Valley (Texas). These books are 70% visual and 30% text with stunning photographs and designed to capture the interest of sixth graders and above. Different writers have collaborated with Pino including Stephen Fox, architectural historian and Fellow of Anchorage Foundation of Texas, Eileen Mattei and, Geoff Alger.

The books are also available globally through 40,000 retailers who can order them for you (ask them to search 'Pino Shah'), Barnes & Noble, Amazon and every major eBook platform including Kindle, Apple Books, Nook, etc. Additionally, the eBooks are also available to the educational institutions through Mackin and Overdrive.