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Celerino Castillo


Celerino Castillo, III

Cele is a seasoned artist who was born and raised in South Texas. He is also a Vietnam Combat Veteran. After graduating from Pan American University he was fortunate enough to have lived in Latin America. He became infatuated with their art. This made a huge impact on him and influenced what is now known as Chicano Arte.

Chicano Arte is an extension of Mesoamerican, a region extending South and East from Central Mexico, which is now known as Central America. From these roots, the emergence of radiant Chicano Arte was traced. The Chicano Arte movement began in the 1960s, incorporating post-Mexican Revolution ideologies and current Mexican-American social, political and cultural issues. Throughout the movement and beyond, Chicanos have used art to express their cultural values, histories, folklore and religions.  Chicano artist put a stronger emphasis on working-class struggles as both labor and civil rights issue for many Chicanos.