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Lupe Hernandez

Lupe Hernandez

Lupe Hernandez is a native of Mission, Texas born in 1975 on December 12 and given the namesake Guadalupe in honor of the Virgen de Guadalupe.  His art style revolves around cubism, geometric abstraction, and graffiti.  Hernandez’s compositions range from religious art, figurative elements, and calligraphy.  He depicts Madonna’s and religious icons in monochromatic colors either in realism or cubism, formatting traditional and modern compositions.  Figurative portraits bear hidden words as calligraphy writing wraps around their bodies, waiting for the viewer to discover them.  Landscape fauna and animals are elegantly expressed in intimate oil renderings in bright colors which produce nostalgic feelings and warmth.

Hernandez preferred means of expression are oils on canvas and graphite pencils.  Major influences are the works of Cubist painter Braque and Graffiti artists such as Greg “Craola” Simkins and Altar Peque.  Hernandez’s current works include a series of nostalgic toys, native animals and plants, a series of dessert pastel drawings and graffiti landscapes.

Instagram @mr._three_d   Facebook @MrThreeD &  Email  (956) 250-5973

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