Raquel Hinojosa

Raquel Hinojosa, Hinovations Gallery

Raquel Hinojosa was born May 10, 1968 in Roma, Texas. Her early childhood was spent between historical Mexican towns, her father’s ranch, and her mother’s hometown in Nuevo Leon, all of which would influence her art style. Nature, bright colors, family and culture play a leading role in her conceptual work. Hinojosa has created a diary of her art career through the depiction of her only child, Albar. The relationship with each other is manifested through the portrayal of native plants as he flowered into a pre-teen, horses with unique personalities, mood people, Texas cityscapes that captured their travel destinations, long legged hieroglyphs looking to make their own way and black birds in flight leaving the nest.

Hinojosa’s preferred means of expression is acrylics on canvas and paper. Major influences date back to cave paintings or hieroglyphs to indigenous artworks from African, Australian and Mexican cultures. Besides the representations of her only child, her works include figures with long necks, landscapes covered with thousands of dots and native plants and animals in bright colors. Series of her work include endangered Animals, SuperHero Birds and Texas Landscapes.

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