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Green Kingfisher, Great Kiskadee & Roseate Spoonbill by Gaby Rico Reproduction - Bookmark Set of 3

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Art by Gaby Rico, Abstract to Expressionism (

Golden Passage  

This project is a visual expression that has a series of acrylic portraits of endemic and migratory birds in south Texas. Emphasizing them as the true treasure they are despite the fact that their reality has become somewhat uncertain. Golden Passage is a sample of my love for nature,  a desperate voice of the wildlife, as well as an uncontainable desire that our birds prevail against any human or natural threat.

I have mixed feelings towards the refuge actual situation since it gives me great satisfaction to witness the wildlife so majestic, beautiful and diverse and second, it causes me impotence, frustration, and sadness to think that all this treasure is getting out of hand so suddenly.

We are so used to belong to these lands and at the same time to believe that these lands belong to us, being that this is not the case.

Wildlife is a treasure and it is very sad that we take it for granted that it is there and we even think that it is eternal and there are high probabilities that we have not given the true value it deserves.

Reproduction prints on bookmarks 2x7", each individually wrapped.