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Exactly what I asked for!

Exactly what I asked for and it was fast.

Thanks, JR!

Cinestill 800t Color C41 35mm 36 Exp Film
Ablaikhan Altayev (Richmond, US)
Great service

Fast delivery, great communication.

Thanks AA!

Ferrania P30 80 Iso Black And White 120 Film
Henry McGowan (Brooklyn, US)
Ferrania film

I will continue to order from Pino because he was really the only person with Ferrania 120, it arrived quickly and he included a really nice refrigerator magnet.

Thanks for your order and kind review!

Exactly what i needed, great service.

Thank you :)


It works great. Arrived quickly.

Thank you

Fomapan Black & White 400 Iso 35mm 36 Exp Film
oleg Ivasiv (Chicago, US)

Very good


Kodak Gold 200 Iso Color C41 35x36 Film Exp 01/2025

very good film

This film is for tungsten films, and the deep colors are expressed very nicely. I highly recommend it.

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

Nice film

Great colors!

Kodak Gold 200 Iso Color C41 120 Medium Format Film Single

Thanks, Miguel!

120 Medium Format Monthly Film Subscription Service -
Chris Torres (Atlanta, US)
The best Medium Format film Subscription!

I really love this subscription. Pino’s careful selection of film and his reports about them and how to use them are some of the best. Whether you are a regular film shooter or a newbie (nothing wrong with that) there is always something for you. Whether it is new information or new film to try every so often.

Chris, I am glad you are enjoying the subscription service. Thank you for being a continued supporter.

Kodak Ultramax 400 C41 35mm 36 Exp Film
Ulises Espinoza (Los Angeles, US)
Helpful service on ArtByPinos end by USPS flopped

Delivery was sent out quickly, however it seems that USPS misplaced the package and it hasn’t been delivered yet.

According to USPS tracking information, the item was delivered on May 22, 2023. Considering the buyer had purchased insurance for the package, I'm uncertain about the situation, as the buyer's only indication of something being wrong was through this review. No information was provided on whether she had contacted the mail person delivering the mail or followed up with the post office, or filed the insurance claim. It appears to be a typical scenario of misguided frustration, as evidenced by her 3-star rating of the product.

Catlabs x Film 320 Pro Bw 120 Medium Format Film

This film has an excellent grain structure and reproduces images with excellent contrast. I shot it @ 200 as per CatLABS instructions and it developed very well. I WILL be shooting a lot more of this fine film, CHEERS!

Lovely kitty! Thanks

Film Developing Services
Christopher Vasquez (Harlingen, US)
film developing

happy with the results

Thanks, Christopher!

Film Developing Services
Christopher Vasquez
film developing

happy with the results

Thanks, Christopher!

It's an old favorite.

Only ordered because I'm low. Not trying something new.

Great service

Professional company to deal with

Thanks, Peter!

Film Developing Services
Eloy G. (Pharr, US)
RGV's Finest

I've been shooting film for the past year and all of my development has gone to Pino and it has been an overall great experience! The development time options he has are great and budget friendly. Having a dedicated film photography shop here in the RGV is super convenient.

If you are curious and open to learn about film photography, I HIGHLY recommend Pino for the entire process!

Eloy, thank you for the kind review and sharing your fine images!

Olympus Point & Shoot 35mm Used Film Camera
Roy Torres (Edinburg, US)

Olympus Point & Shoot 35mm Used Film Camera

Beautiful colors

I’ve shot with many films and recently have fell in love with Santa color !!! I already ordered 5 more rolls !! Strongly recommend

Thank you for your continued patronage.

35mm Films Monthly Subscription - Shipping Included
C.C. (San Jose, US)
Love 35mm club

I love this monthly subscription. Especially when trying to find film has been little difficult at other places. It’s so nice when I get my film box. It brings me so much joy. Plus the prices are perfect and the different film options are great. I have never had a problem with any of there products. This is a must for every film lover out. Thank you =)

I am happy to hear that you are enjoying it, Thank you for your support and your business :)

Film Developing Services
Dominic Beeler (San Antonio, US)

Pino has a ton of knowledge of all things photo, especially film photo. Every film development I get is high quality and he is great to work with!

Thank you, Dominic.

35mm Films Monthly Subscription - Shipping Included
H.B. (Boise, US)
An amazing way to branch out with film

Love getting a surprise every month. The addition of film stocks that I would of never tried on my own make the experience entirely worth it to me. Plus the curated and well put together descriptions of each monthly stock make the product even better. Can't wait for the rest of the year and the stocks to come!


Thank you for your continued business and support.

Film Developing Services
Olivia Lincoln (San Antonio, US)
Great service!

Thank you so much! Received the photos in 2 weeks and bought some film rolls in person at a great price. He directed me to some helpful pages on his website since I’m a beginner, and they really helped! Will definitely continue developing my film through here!!

Thank you, Olivia, excited for. your Film Photography journey!

35mm Films Monthly Subscription - Shipping Included
Chris Torres (Decatur, US)
Just the best!

This is perhaps the best film subscription service I have ever been a part of. The films curated are unique and fun to shoot with. Receiving an explaination of the films and how to use them where they are from, etc. is really a neat benefit. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the highest role count. You won’t be sorry! 😁

Chris, it has been wonderful having you as a Customer, thank you.