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This camera comes with a 30-day Warranty as it is part of our Select CLAd (cleaned, lubricated & adjusted) Cameras which are overhauled by professionals who are experts - either retired factory technicians or factory-trained technicians, or well-known in the Film Photography Community, or the manufacturer. 

Also, included is up to a 1-hour Coaching video call to help you load your first roll of film and understand how to get the best from your camera purchase. 

One of the best vintage 35mm Rangefinder film cameras ever made. Excellent camera for beginners wanting to enter the magical world of rangefinders. Rangefinders typically take much better images than an SLR film camera as there is no mirror to flip up thereby reducing vibration or shake. The RF lenses product has beautiful vintage image quality. Cosmetic condition commensurate with age.

Yes, the light meter works, it comes with a battery adapter.

Unpack it, drop a film roll in it and start shooting. CLAd was done by an expert technician, this camera will last from one generation to the next with proper care.

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