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Curbside pickup in McAllen, Mo-Sa 11-7 pm available at the address below.   Please be sure to get an order confirmation and a confirmation for your curbside pickup time before arriving at this address.

500 E. Camellia Ave, McAllen, Texas 78501

For questions, text (956) 492-7140 for a callback.

Light Sensitive - Open ONLY in the darkroom.

The Arista Ultra Line of Film and Paper is the discerning educator’s choice for their students.

Arista.EDU Ultra VC RC Paper is a high-quality, economical, medium-weight resin-coated enlarging paper for traditional black and white printing. The paper is intended for exposure by tungsten or quartz halogen exposure and can be developed by hand in trays or commercial roller transport processors. It has a neutral tone and a variable contrast design.  Use standard variable contrast magenta and yellow filters between grades 0-5 to adjust contrast.  

Key Features

  • Traditional Black & White Enlarging Paper
  • Resin Coated (RC)
  • Pearl Surface
  • Neutral Tone
  • Medium Weight
  • Variable Contrast supports grades 0-5
  • Compatible with Ilford, Kodak, and Varycon B&W Printing Filters
  • OC and Red 15W safelight compatible
  • Develop in any standard B&W chemicals
  • Reliable supply, economically priced

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