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Hasselblad Meter Prism Finder VFC-6 in original box with documentation.

The used vintage VFC-6 meter prism finder is designed to measure the intensity of light falling on the camera's focusing screen after passing through the lens. The center-weighted meter has a silicon cell with a fast response, even at low light levels.

Cosmetically, a 9.5/10, it functions well.

The meter's sensitivity range is from exposure value (EV) 2-19, and LEDs indicate the correct exposure value on a digital display. The viewfinder has a 45" sighting angle to the lens's optical axis. The unreversed viewfinder image is enlarged 3x.
Buttons, selectors, and scales are countersunk for protection against physical damage.

The Hasselblad meter prism finder has an accessory shoe (5) and a rotating, removable rubber eyepiece (6). The viewfinder's shape lets you conveniently lift the camera with the attached viewfinder.

Battery: Use a 6 V type Ul, PX 28, or the equivalent. Use silver oxide or lithium batteries in protracted cold weather.

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