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Pentax Spotmatic

This is a camera that has a beautiful classic design. I love the film advance lever, which is made of metal and has a sexy curve. The camera has the heft to it. The lens is beautiful. At f1.4, it is a low-light lens. A Super Takumar 50mm lens with no haze, separation, or fungus. It comes with a clear protective filter.
The following narrative is taken from the camera wiki website.

The Spotmatic is one of the early successful Japanese cameras, with over 5 million sold between 1960 and 1977. The Spotmatics are well known for bringing stop-down Through-the-Lens (TTL) metering to the masses, with a light metering system that was easy to use, intuitive, and affordable, becoming the favorite SLR of enthusiasts and professionals at the time.

Asahi Optical Company (later Pentax) presented the original prototype called Spot-Matic in Photokina 1960, designed by a team led by Dr. Minoru Suzuki with a spot-metering system; by the time sales began in 1964, coinciding with the Olympics in Tokyo, the metering system was an average metering. These cameras use the M42x1mm lens mount, just like their predecessor (Pentax S/H series), allowing them to use many lenses from different manufacturers.

Asahi Optical set new standards in image quality and construction under the Takumar brand. The late models called Super-Multi-Coated Takumar allowed for fully opened light-metering with mechanical linkage to the camera, which was used in the Spotmatic F and the Electro Spotmatics. Asahi Optical introduced many Takumar lenses of excellent construction and image quality, improved over time with high-quality coating, setting the standards for years to come, and some have achieved cult-like status.

The Spotmatics were in production for a long time, and improvements were made continuously both mechanically and in electronics, resulting in several models and over 5 million cameras sold until the K-series of cameras finally replaced them in 1975. The original "Spotmatic" was presented in Photokina 1960 (sales began in 1964) and is one of the first (if not the first) cameras with Through-the-Lens (TTL) metering; the Spotmatic II added a hot shoe, and later with the evolution of and miniaturization of electronics an electronic camera with aperture priority was introduced, the Electro Spotmatic (ES), finally the Spotmatic F introduced fully opened light metering.

These used cameras come with a 30-day Warranty.

Also included is up to a 1-hour Coaching video call to help you load your first roll of film and understand how to get the best from your camera purchase. 


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