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This camera comes with a 30-day Warranty as it is part of our Select CLAd (cleaned, lubricated & adjusted) Cameras which experts overhaul - either retired factory technicians or factory-trained technicians, or well-known in the Film Photography Community, or the manufacturer. 

Also included is up to a 1-hour Coaching video call to help you load your first roll of film and understand how to get the best from your camera purchase. 

The used vintage Mamiya M645 is a perfect 120 medium format film camera for those desiring to move to medium format and want the convenience of an SLR. It takes 15 frames of 6x4.5 cm each. Mamiya makes its cameras with fine craftsmanship. Mostly made of metal. This camera is a 9/10 cosmetically as it is used and has wear commensurate with age, and all functions perform fine. There is minor paint loss in some spots.

The camera has a waist-level finder (a $300+ value in the fine condition it is in), making it significantly lighter than using it with a metered prism.

It comes with a premium 45mm lens with an aperture of f2.8, which is good for low-light situations or indoor use. The 45mm gives you 27.9mm and f1.74 in terms of 35mm equivalence. Note that the f 1.74 equivalent applies to the depth of field and does not allow more light. For lighting, the aperture stays at f2.8. Cosmetically, the lens is at least a 9.5/10.

The camera comes with a premium Optech Super Pro strap, which I use for my cameras. It has a wide section for the neck area and has gel bubbles that prevent the strap from slipping. Given that it is an all-metal camera, it weighs more than your typical DSLR camera, and the strap comes in handy for all-day shooting.

If you are interested in the fine 55-110mm lens for the Mamiya M645, drop me a DM, and I can create a custom listing for you to buy it. You now have a complete kit with the 45mm and the 55-110mm. Also have metered prisms, pro grip, and other accessories, including focusing screens.

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