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This used camera comes with a 30-day Warranty. 

Also included is up to a 1-hour Coaching video call to help you load your first roll of film and understand how to get the best from your camera purchase. 

Included is the original leather case, which is a rare find. The case has wear and tear commensurate with age. The camera will need a CLA at some point. It has a banding issue - see included pics taken with the camera - that is not persistent, so while it functions well, a CLA is recommended.

This description is taken from camera-wiki[.]org website.

The Widelux is a swing-lens panorama camera manufactured between 1959 and 2000 by Panon Camera Shoko in Tokyo. This F7 model was built between 1979-1988. Widelux and its predecessor, the Panon, use a lens that swivels through a horizontal arc, projecting an image onto a cylindrical film gate. 

The principle is similar to the Noblex and Horizont cameras — or the Kodak Panoram series, begun in 1899. In 1959 the company introduced the Widelux FV, which used 35mm film (135), and underwent various model upgrades (the last model, F8, ceased production in 2000). The Widelux F-series models were designed for 35mm film, giving horizontal coverage of about 126° and a vertical range of 55º (24 x 59mm image size). Based on serial numbering, only about 20,000 total 35mm cameras were produced.

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