Cancun Airport Uber | Taxi Are Expensive - Do This Instead

Lordy! The moment you deplane at the Cancun airport and walk towards the baggage claim area, be prepared to be swamped by sales persons for a plethora of services. This is as touristy as it gets. Reminds me of places in India where such chaos exits.

"Official" this and "official" that. Taxis from the airport to Centro are quoted as Pesos 1,260 - at Ps 17.19 to 1 USD, that is $73! And as you say "gracias" and prepare to walk away, instantly the price drops to Ps 900. Keep walking.

Nope, no Uber allowed to pick you up. It would put a bunch of businesses out if they allowed Uber. Fine. But, unlike Oaxaca City, there is no collectivo either for a taxi! So, you are screwed without being kissed first.

To be clear, once you steer clear of the airport property, Uber is legit and easily available everywhere. Uber drop-offs to the airport are available.

A collectivo is a van where you grab an available seat and pay a small fee to ride, usually a fixed fee regardless of distance. No airconditioning, torn seats, thrilling rides - sudden stops. Every collectivo driver is formally trained in the Indy 500.


Look for a small/compact booth/counter in the middle of other boths titled ADO. They operate luxurious buses and charge Ps 120 for the same ride. Of course, you would have to wait in line for about 10 minutes for the bus to arrive and another 10 minutes for it to depart.

cacnun uber tax ado bus

There is an amazing network of collectivos around the city. Get educated by a local on figuring out which one to take to go where. The bus network is equally amazing. Both are ultra reasonable to ride. Correct change or lots of change recommended.

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