Film Photography Resources

Film Photography Resources

Recommended Film Photography Book - Shooting Film by Ben Hawkins & Liza Kanaeva-Hunsicker. Please support my efforts by using this link to order. It doesn’t cost you anything additional and makes me eligible for a small commission.

Aperture | ISO | Shutter Speed - shown on one simple diagram.

Light Meter Apps - iOS - Exponometer. Android - Lightmeter.

8 Things To Consider When Buying a Film Camera - in the market for a film camera?

Buy Films - 30+ varieties of films, no need to buy a 5-pack or a 3-pack, try out different films.

Buy Cameras With a 30-day Warranty - Peace of Mind.

Develop Films - 35mm, 120, and Large Format. Color & BW.


Announcements and service updates follow @artbypino.

World Heritage Photography - follow @worldheritagephotographer.

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