Film Camera Rentals for USA

Film Camera Rentals for USA

Looking for film camera rentals near me?

Need a 35mm film camera for the film photography class for the semester?

Need a medium or large (4×5) format camera for a shoot?

We carry Pentax K1000 the preferred 35mm film camera of photography schools across the world. Some of the other cameras we carry include the Canon AE1 series, the Olympus OM series, the Minolta SRT series, the Mamiya 645, RB67, Rolleiflex TLRs, Hasselblad 500 series, and a wide variety of lenses. All equipment is film tested and where appropriate, it has been CLAd. In other words, reliable equipment.

Here is how the rentals work:

  1. Text us at (956) 492-7140 requesting a callback. This helps us minimize spam callers. We are open Mo-Fr, 11-7p CT and on Sat, 11-3p.

  2. Once we have spoken, we will send you an invoice for the FULL value of the items being rented and send you a simple agreement for your signature. The full value of the equipment being rented will be charged as though you were buying the equipment.

  3. Upon return of the equipment (yes, we will include a pre-paid shipping label) in the same condition, as you received it, we will deduct the rental fee per the agreement and refund the balance. Do remember to save the box and packaging materials to ship the equipment back to us.

Sorry, we do not rent any DSLR or digital cameras or the Pentax 6×7 series.

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