Film Photography Coaching or Classes

Film Photography Coaching or Classes

Your Photography Coach, Pino Shah, Author of Seven Photography Books

Digital (DSLR) or Film Photography Coaching

Video Call | In-person | 1-on-1 for Individual Attention

Learn both, Digital and Film Photography. Yes, you heard right. Film as in 35mm and 120 Medium Format Film. Or, Digital as in DSLR Photography Classes either via a Video Call or In-person in McAllen. Would you like to learn how to develop films at home?

Wouldn't it be great to learn how to use all the features of your camera? Or, take better pictures with your smartphone? If all you want is feedback on your images, I can help with that too. As a published photographer and author of seven books on Historic Architecture, I have been blessed with the knowledge and experience to coach you on your photography learning.

How is the Photography Coaching I offer different from taking a class elsewhere?

  1. There is no ‘class’ per se. Meaning that the coaching is one on one. Individual attention.

  2. The coaching sessions are customized to your learning needs. Beginner to Advanced lessons. On any digital or film photography topic, you wish to learn about. Or, maybe you don't need a structured learning path. You need someone knowledgeable to fill in the blanks. The commonly sought-after topics are portraits (including kids and pets), events, flash, studio lighting, food, architecture, and landscape photography. The most commonly requested topic for film photography is how to take properly exposed images and develop films at home.

  3. If you are starting, our first couple of sessions would be on the principles and foundational concepts, and after that, we would shoot together. This allows me to give you immediate feedback so that you can enhance your skills as we go along.

  4. Maybe, you are already a good photographer but need an objective evaluation of your photographs. I offer image review services where I review ten images for a fixed fee and provide you feedback on them.

  5. Recommendations on equipment to invest in based on your photography learning goals.

  6. Consultation on exhibiting your work, including format, media, press releases, etc. Best PR practices for print and online.

  7. Branding and business consulting for starting your own photography business.

Coaching fees are $90 for a 60-minute session per person. Book your coaching session today!


  1. Portrait Photography - Headshots, Modeling Portfolio, Fashion Photography

  2. Architecture Photography, including Interior Design and Landscape Photography. How Architecture Photography differs from Real Estate Photography

  3. Performing Arts Photography - Music, Dance, Drama

  4. Food Photography

  5. Commercial Photography - Product, Macro Photography

  6. Flash Photography using on-camera flash and Studio Lighting

  7. Film Photography includes processing, developing, and scanning film - color and black & white photography

  8. Event Photography - Wedding, Baptism, Engagements, Couples Photography, Posing for photoshoots

  9. Post-processing using Adobe Lightroom

  10. Setting up and marketing a photography business

  11. Printing photographs - Albums, publishing your work, exhibiting your work

  12. Any other photography topic…

Ever wonder if the camera you are buying is the right camera for you?

Folks new to photography often fall for great bundle or kit deals advertised by Nikon or Canon. Or something they see advertised in Sam’s, Costco, or Best Buy. They figure they will learn how to use it and become good at photography. So, they will drop $300-1,200+ and then realize that they are not getting the desired results - for the type of photography they had in mind. I can help you decide which camera to buy or the photography genre that you want to pursue. Typically, it takes an hour of coaching time that I charge. We review your goals and your current knowledge level, and based on our session; I help you figure out the best equipment you should invest your money in. Email me today to book a 1hour session - the session may run longer depending on your questions or the information you seek. Additional time will be billed in increments of 15 minutes.

CALL (956) 492-7140 TODAY to get your 1 on 1 Photography Coaching Started!

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Recently, I completed a 15-week course teaching Special Needs students at McAllen ISD STRIDES program through South Texas College Continuing, Professional, and Workforce Education Program.


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