How do I use the Metro in Dubai?

How do I use the Metro in Dubai?

Dubai has one of the smallest and efficient metro or light-rail train networks amongst developed nations. The train stations have a distinct and consistent set of looks that help them to stand out or find. It operates two routes; a Green line (short) and a Red line (relatively longer). Both of them intersect at two stations – Burjuman and Union station to allow switching between the two routes.

The fare is based on how many zones you travel into or in other words, the distance you travel. I decided to explore both the routes and thereby see as much of the city as possible. My reasoning being that if a metro goes into or through an area, there must be good reason for it to do so. So, I opted for the daily pass at a cost of AED 22 which at AED 3.67 to US 1 = $5.99. This allowed me to go end to end on both the routes. Note that some of the route is underground and the remaining above street level.

  1. For kids and women, there is a separate car identified by Pink decals on the car as well as on the floor before you step on to the connector between the cars. As a man, you risk being fined if you travel in the car reserved for women.

  2. The seat at the front of each car is priority seating for the elderly and women.

  3. The Gold car with leather seating costs extra. The daily pass I got was not for the Gold car.

  4. The pass is valid only until midnight on the day of the purchase and not for a 24 hour period so, do the math and see if it is better for you to buy a single ticket if you are traveling later in the day.

  5. Be sure to exit the metro before 90 minutes. In other words, I stayed in the network for over 90 minutes and when I finally tried to exit, the gate where you scan the ticket would not open and asked me to see an attendant. Apparently, they don’t want you riding around on the trains for a joy ride or hanging around the nicely cooled stations. I had to reach out to the attendant who asked me to stay by the exit gate while he went and re-enabled my pass following which I was able to exit with a gentle alert from him to me to not stay within the network for longer than 89 minutes! It would be nice if the ticket had that printed on it How do I use the Metro in Dubai?

  6. The trains and the stations are spotlessly clean. No graffitti. No trash. Apparently, food, drinks and, chewing gum (yes, you read that right) are against the rules.

  7. There are stores at the station that sell snacks and drinks but, steeply priced so, you are better off buying those elsewhere.

  8. The phone network has good coverage, I had an occasional drop in data speeds.

  9. The trains are driverless.


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