ORWO NC500 and NC400 Side-by-Side Comparison

ORWO NC500 and NC400 Side-by-Side Comparison

ORWO NC500 and NC400 Color C41 Films

In December 2022, ORWO finally started shipping its long-awaited C41-based color film, the NC500. Folks had pre-ordered the film from ORWO in June of 2022 and are still waiting to receive it.

When ORWO started shipping the NC500 film, they surprised everyone by releasing another C41 color film, the NC400.

The NC500 needs some clarification around it. Some documentation said it was a 500 ISO film, but the film canister states it is a 400 ISO film. The NC400 is a 400 ISO film.

Dying out of curiosity and being blessed to have identical cameras and lens setup comprising of a Pentax K1000 with a 50mm f1.8 lens, I shot both films side-by-side. I shot five frames similar to each other on both cameras. I welcome your thoughts on each film and what other films they remind you of.

I am pleased with both films. I would select one over the other depending on what I would be shooting. One has a warmer tone (NC500), and the other has a cooler tone (NC400). Remember that this is their first commercially sold batch, and both films will likely be refined over time.

To purchase either film - ORWO NC400 | ORWO NC500 - free shipping in CONUS


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Thanks for this nice comparison! Do you recommend to scan those using Noritsu or Frontier scanner?


For which images? My second set of testing – I shot all at ISO 200. Both sets were developed & scanned at a professional lab.


How did you get such good greens in those NC500 images? I shot at 400 ISO abd mine are super muted :(


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