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What the Customer had lovingly preserved – her father’s photograph from his youth. What we were able to do by way of digital restoration. Approximate size of the original print was 13″x10” 

Photo or Picture Restoration Near

Are you looking for a McAllen-based photo or picture restoration service?

Do you have an old photograph that is torn or scratched or has smudges on it and would like to have it restored?

Do you need a printed photograph enlarged?

Do you need a slide film made into print?

No matter what format your photograph is in, we can help. We restore photographs – digitally. We do NOT alter the original physical picture unless the medium needs cleaning. So, for example, if the slide film or negative is dirty or has mold, we will make our best effort to clean it prior to scanning it and digitally restoring it.

For all restoration work, we do not provide any guarantees. Photos or photographic medium stored in the attic or basement or the garage in non-controlled temperature and humidity environments adversely impacts the life of the medium. What we promise is that we will treat the medium the way we would treat our own medium. We recognize that the photograph is your priceless memory and we would treat it with care.

We frequently get calls from folks asking how much it would cost to restore or reprint a photograph. Without seeing it in person, we are unable to provide pricing. The older the photograph or rather, the more damaged the source negative or slide or print, the more the cost. Folks ask for a range. Again, we are unable to provide such a price range on the phone.

We do NOT have in-person visits. You will need to mail the picture(s) or negative(s) to us.

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