Plant and Tree Pictures on Film – 35mm and 120 Medium Formats

Plant and Tree Pictures on Film – 35mm and 120 Medium Formats

Most of the pictures are/will be in black and white as I find that medium to be fascinating. I have often struggled with taking a black and white picture on film for a spectacular Bird Of Paradise that is such a colorful and majestic plant. But, then I see it in black and white and I am drawn to that version of it. It is safe to say that when it comes to film, I am biased towards black and white.

As you review these pictures, please consider:

  1. Let me know the name of the plant or tree if you know it. Both, the common and botanical name – if you happen to know it – would be helpful in tagging the picture so that it serves as a reference to others.

  2. I am looking for someone that is knowledgeable about the Valley’s plant kingdom – not just native plants but, essentially, everything that our Magic Valley will allow to grow and want to explore doing a photography book – 70% visual, 30% text. I have been blessed to have published 7 books in the last 4 years on historic architecture and I would like to do one on the Valley’s plant kingdom. I self-publish so, again, I am blessed by my IT background to efficiently create the eBooks (available in 79 countries) and printed books (available to order through 40,000 booksellers across the world). Should you or someone you know be interested, please share this post with them.

  3. If you know of someone that has that amazing plant or a garden or a ranch with plants and trees that you feel should be photographed for posterity, please do let me know.

  4. Lastly, if you have an old film camera that you no longer need or have forgotten about, please consider donating it to me. Perhaps, I can use it for the project or sell it and use the proceeds to support my efforts. Thank you for your kind consideration.


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