Professional Photographers near

Professional Photographers near me

Searching for ‘maternity or newborn or portrait photographer or graduation photographer or quince or quinceanera photographer near me?’ Searching for ‘studio photography or photography studio near me?’ Searching for ‘wedding photographers near me?’

I regularly get calls from folks asking for photography services that I don’t specialize in such as ‘Studio’ Maternity or Newborn or Portraits or Graduation or Seniors or Portraits or Weddings. I do all types or genres of photography but, I do it outdoors as I don’t have a studio and I shoot film. I do Weddings but, shoot them on film (not motion film). Like the old days using Medium and Large Format films. I do offer Architecture & Portraits (outdoors) on digital. So, I thought that I would create a list of photographers whose work I admire for your convenience.

If you ever have a non-positive experience with any of these photographers, please do let me know as I am constantly looking to update the list and want to refer only the very best professionals. I by no means have used the services of any of these photographers. In most instances, I have not even met them in person. The list is based on networking online, usually Facebook, and upon reviewing their online presence or portfolio.

Studio MATERNITY & NEWBORN, Portraits, Graduation &, Quinceaneras

in alphabetical order

David Pezzat – Wedding

Dulce Licona

Erika Barrera Sanchez – Wedding

JoElla Cantu

Julio Torres

Karen Martinez

Kim Boggus

Lily Torn

Martha Flores

Magaly Gisel

Photos by Brendon – Wedding

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