How Can I Sell My Dad’s Old Film Camera Collection?

How Can I Sell My Dad's Old Film Camera Collection?

Found a box of photography equipment that your dad or grandad or mom used? Want to sell it? Here are some options to consider to get the best value for your film cameras to sell.

  1. Sell the items yourself - best option: Go to eBay and search for the exact brand and models of the equipment you want to sell. Check the box in the eBay results that shows you the pricing for 'sold' items. Then, find the items that closely match your item's condition and take the average of those values. Next, you can list the items yourself on eBay, Facebook Marketplace and, Etsy. Take decent pictures with your smartphone, write a description that fully discloses the condition of the equipment. Be prepared to answer questions from potential buyers. Package the items well upon a sale. Insure it for the full amount - always and ship with a method that provides tracking of the shipment. You will pay about 13% as a listing fee to the platform you list it on, 3.5% as a payment processing fee. You can charge the buyer shipping or include the shipping in the price as everyone loves 'free' shipping. Also be prepared to deal with dishonest buyers that will claim that the equipment arrived broken or in a non-functioning state.

    When you insure the package by buying additional coverage, be sure to take pictures of the inside showing the item well padded, the sealed package clearly showing the shipping label. You will need this along with the pictures of the damaged box and item should you need to file a claim.

  2. Sell the items to the big photography shops: Send as much information as you can along with pictures and serial numbers to the following reputable or trusted photography shops in the USA: Adorama, BH Photo Video, and, Roberts Used Photo. You will find that the above shops will offer you 25-33% of the value you found on eBay. What??! Yes, you read correctly. But, don't take my word for it. Verify it for yourself. Some will ask you to first ship the items in and then make an offer. They may even send you a prepaid shipping box to send your items in. Now, this is more likely to make you accept the offer they present as they already have the equipment and you have been waiting to hear from them on an offer.

    You may be wondering why would they offer only 25-33% of the market value? Well, they are huge outfits that have a tremendous overhead cost to running a large business. They also have to invest in refurbishing your items to make them saleable with their warranty or terms and conditions. It is like trading in your used car to a car dealership. Of course, you are always better off selling the items yourself but, most folks don't want to go through the hassle of cleaning up the items, photographing them, listing them on eBay or other online sites, writing the description, answering questions from buyers, packing the items, shipping them. Then, if there is a problem, following up with the buyer. And, on and on. So, most folks would rather take a lower amount than take on the headache of selling it on their own.

  3. Let us sell it on consignment for you - the ideal option. We can sell the items for you on a consignment basis. We charge a fixed 40% fee based on the total transaction value.

    Total transaction value includes the following:

    price the item sells for
    shipping + insurance

    After deducting the 40% fee and the shipping + insurance + platform fees + payment fees, we pay you the balance AFTER 30 days of the buyer receiving the item. There is always a possibility that the buyer may return the item within 30-days.

    Email us the details including the pictures, serial numbers, brand, models, etc., and we will let you know if we think it will sell well. If you want us to appraise your collection, we provide that service for a fee per item.We will provide you with what you can expect in a private sale (selling on eBay or another online platform) and what a dealer (wholesale) will offer you. 

You can reach us at (956) 492-7140 by first texting us - helps minimize spam calls - so that we can call you back. Mon-Fri, 11-7p, CT.

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