Monterrey, Mexico Airport to City Bus Viva Aerobus

If you arrive at Terminal A, don't expect any signage or any Viva personnel to ask for help.

The Viva Aerobus Bus Service - yup, a mouthful - departs from Terminal C. Outside Terminal A, look for awnings with a variety of orange signs. One says "Interterminal." A van will take you to TC. Let the driver know you need to catch the bus by Viva Aerobus and be sure to tip him MXN 20.

Don't expect to see the green, red, and white livery bus you saw online when booking the ticket. It is a plain old Noreste bus. Quite comfortable. Air conditioning is okay. It was 90 outside and a half full bus and bearbly warm inside.

Also, if you paid for the bus online after your reservation, don't expect a ticket or a voucher which the bus driver will ask for. Instead, pull up the updated email with the notation that bus service was added. Show him that and he will be happy.

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