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    1. If you don't read all the instructions below, you are going to regret it - you are going to be sooooo darn frustrated. Seriously. It's hilarious how many folks show up here and DM me "I'm here" and I love to reply "Ok." After a few minutes, I get another message "what do I do?" I RESEND them the link to this page and then, they actually read it... When we come face to face, this faux paux is not brought up. Lips remain sealed.

    2. All visits by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, TEXT (956) 492-7140. For faster response, please TEXT, do not call. This helps minimize spam calls.

    3. Put this address in Google Maps - 500 E. Camellia Ave #12 | McAllen, Texas 78501.

    4. PARK ON THE STREET - ANYWHERE ON THE STREET. Do NOT park or enter the apartment complex through the driveway as they will tow your car away at YOUR expense. Yes, folks actually follow a car in and then park in a tenant's spot. YIKES! Then, they can't get out of the complex without someone unlocking the gate code. Oh well...

    5. Enter through the small gate in the picture below - on your left if you are facing the building - it is the one with the keypad. The one that the BIG RED ARROW is pointing to. Folks go to the wrong building on the street. There is ONLY one red brick building on the street. I promise. No tricks.

    6. Enter 067 which will dial me and keep watching the display for ‘access granted’ and push the gate open. IF you don’t keep watching the display, you are likely to miss notification of the gate opening.

35mm Films For Sale, Developing Near Me

35mm Film Developing Near Me

35mm Films For Sale

Climb up the stairs on your left, 2nd floor, unit 12

35mm Film Cameras For Sale

McAllen Professional Film Lab

 For questions or information, TEXT (956) 492-7140 for a call back. Yes, we buy old film cameras - they don't make them anymore so, we have to buy them from someone that wants to sell them. Then, we do our magic on it and sell them with a 30-day warranty (unless it is not mentioned in the listing).

Text the pictures and pricing of the cameras you want to sell. Yes, we can provide an appraisal for your items for a fee

ArtByPino Film Photography | McAllen, Texas


At the age of nine, I was loaned a film camera and from the first roll, I was addicted to film photography. At age ten, I was introduced to a fetish - the fountain pen! As a kid, I was always fascinated with a typewriter - what it could do and the sound it made. In adult life, I was fascinated by the pocket watches I would see in old western movies.

Then, life happened and for the next several decades I was neither indulgent in typewriters or film cameras or pocket watches. But, a fountain pen has never left my pocket. In 2018, I got back into all of them. Slowly at first and then immersed myself. I self-taught film developing. I also started collecting inkwells. I took up the study of the fascinating world of pocket watches.

I carry a small and select collection of inkwells and pocket watches but, my prime love is for film cameras followed by typewriters.

Pino Shah, World Heritage Photographer


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