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Film development by mail is also available - see FAQ below for instructions.


How do I get my films processed?

  • Please place the order online. If you want your order shipped to you, be sure to select the appropriate shipping option.

  • Once you receive an order confirmation, TEXT Pino Shah at +1 (956) 492-7140 to schedule a time to drop off your film. Drop-off is Monday through Friday, 11-7p BY APPOINTMENTIt has to be received by 1p on Monday to go in that week's batch. Any films received after 1p on Monday will go out in the following week's batch. 

  • Please follow the same process as #2 above to pick up your negatives and prints (if ordered) unless you have made alternate mailing arrangements (see FAQ above).

    For films dropped off before 1p on Monday, for a 4-day service if selected, scans will usually be ready after 3 pm on Thursday.


    1. What kind of films do you process? We process 35mm films, 120 medium format films, and 4x5 large format sheets. In color (C41), black and white (BW), disposable cameras, and slide films (E6). We also process 110, 126, 127, C22, and all other film formats. Pricing and turnaround for these will be quoted upon request.

    2. Do you return the negatives? Yes, we do. If you prefer that we destroy the negatives, please email us at to authorize us.

    3. Do you provide scans or digital copies of my processed films? Yes, we share them through Google Drive, so you must use your Google ID when placing the order to avoid delays or experiencing problems accessing the images we share with you. The images are only shared with your email ID; they are not publicly accessible. Your images are yours, and they stay private. To copy them over to a zip or USB drive will be an additional $10 if you provide the zip or USB drive. If you would like a CD copy of the images, it is $10 additional.

      Half-frame cameras for 35mm are charged at the same rate as a regular 35mm film, with no added cost. You must combine the images in post-processing to get a 3D effect or create a gif.

    4. How long will it take to get my film processed? There are three levels of pricing. One is for five (4) business days (not calendar), another is for fourteen (14) business days (not calendar), and the third is for twenty-one (21) business days (not calendar) that applies only to BW films as the number of places doing BW films (correctly) are limited. Such places use true BW chemistry to process your films, not color chemistry.

      The 4-business-day, 14-business-day, and 21-business-day turnarounds are based on best efforts, meaning that we may be, due to Covid-19, weather delays or a shortage of film processing chemicals due to a global supply chain issue, etc., not be able to meet those timelines. Still, we will try our best to deliver them within those timeframes. All of those timeframes are for the delivery of scans only. Prints ordered or negatives to be returned will take additional time.

      All options require the films to be dropped off before 1p on a Monday.

    5. Can you push/pull my film? Yes, the price for push/pull is $5 per stop.

    6. Can you provide prints of my film pictures? The economical option is to order developing + scans and then pick only those images you want to print. Since you will have digital images, you can get the pictures printed at a place of your choice. You can upload those images to Walgreens, Walmart, Costco, or MPIX (best results). 

      Prints from existing negatives are quoted upon request, and prices vary based on size and paper selection.

    7. Can you provide same-day development and scanning? Yes, it is expensive to do so and depends on our workload. For same-day Film Developing and Scanning, add a 100-300% surcharge depending on selected services. Same-day service is not available for Advantix or 110.

    8. Can I order film development through the mail? Can I drop the films off but receive my negatives back by mail? Do you provide mail-order film development? Yes, we do. You can pay for a pre-paid label (to mail us the films to be developed) with tracking by clicking here. We will email you the label, print it, put it on a padded envelope, and drop it in the mail. If you prefer using your label, the address is:
      500 E. Camellia Ave #12
      McAllen, Texas 78501
      (956) 492-7140

      Please note that you will be responsible for pick-up at the above location unless you have selected your order to be shipped back to you. We will notify you when it is ready for pickup and schedule an appointment Mo-Fr, 11-7p CT.

    What makes your film lab developing services different?

    1. We use Noritsu or Fujitsu commercial-grade scanners (Frontier).

    2. If you are a newbie learning film photography, this one is critical - if you go to folks that offer hand-developing, unlike machine developing, you will not get consistent results from one roll to the next. So, you are always left guessing whether it is your photography that is off or if it is the person developing the film. So, modifying your shooting parameters based on a hand-developed film (especially on C41 and E6) is an unreliable variable in your learning of film photography.

    3. If you are learning film photography, we provide feedback on any or all of your images upon request. We will Coach you on where & how to improve based on your learning goals and suggest films to consider. Online film development places view you as a transaction and don't provide this valuable service.

    Do you sell films?

    We sell 35mm, 120 medium formats, and 4x5 sheet films. 30+ varieties of 35mm and 120 films are available. If you stop by in person (by appointment), we can show you what different films will look when printed. The film is an analog medium, and it is only logical to see it in the format it is intended to be ultimately displayed in - prints.

    Do you sell film cameras?

    Yes, we sell film cameras, but our cameras are priced higher than you will find online because we strive to give you Total Peace of Mind.

    1. We take the time to understand your film photography needs and goals. You are not just a transaction to us. We want your film photography journey to be as rewarding to you as it has been for us.

    2. Our cameras include a 30-day warranty. Where appropriate, expert technicians have overhauled the camera.

    3. You have lifetime support to get answers to your film photography questions during our working hours.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Fanny Uribe (McAllen, US)

    Extremely fast! Very satisfied with my purchase ☺️

    Fanny, Thanks for your repeat business.

    Christopher Vasquez (Harlingen, US)
    film developing

    happy with the results

    Thanks, Christopher!

    Christopher Vasquez
    film developing

    happy with the results

    Thanks, Christopher!

    Eloy G. (Pharr, US)
    RGV's Finest

    I've been shooting film for the past year and all of my development has gone to Pino and it has been an overall great experience! The development time options he has are great and budget friendly. Having a dedicated film photography shop here in the RGV is super convenient.

    If you are curious and open to learn about film photography, I HIGHLY recommend Pino for the entire process!

    Eloy, thank you for the kind review and sharing your fine images!

    Rigoberto Perez (McAllen, US)

    I've had an interesting time learning the in's and out's of film photography from pino. Pino has been wonderful when it comes to the services he provides from having a varition of film stocks to trustworthy refurnsished cameras to honest feedback and tips to make the most out of your photos. Pino also has an astonishing film developing service that I highly recommend especially if you're either trying to learn or just want some of the best quality scans the rio grande valley has to offer. If you're either a returning customers or brand new to pino, rest assured you are in good hands.

    On a personal note, I'm very thankful for pino and appreciate everything pino has helped me with along the journey of film photography.

    Rigoberto, you have all the hallmarks of becoming a great photographer, your dedication and methodical approach are admirable. Thank you for the gracious review.