Kodak AEROCOLOR 2460 aka Elektra 100 | Santa Color 100 | Luminare 100 | Washi X 100

Looking for Santa Color 100 film? Or Luminare 100? Or Washi X 100? Or Silberra 160?

They are all the same film. They are just branded differently. Silberra was based in Russia and sadly, has gone out of business with the Ukraine war. They are good creative folks paying the price.

Each of the above-mentioned companies has its unique packaging. At the heart of it, the film is the KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460 which is a High-Performance Color Negative Aerial Film for Diverse Applications.

It is a film of exceptional quality. Why? Because of the purpose of the film. As a medium-speed, fine-grain color negative aerial film, it is specifically designed for aerial mapping and reconnaissance photography. This versatile film boasts a wide exposure latitude, making it perfect for various applications, including geological, pollution, archeological, crop, and forestry studies, traffic control, city planning, and remote sensing.

Key Features

  • Medium-Speed, Fine-Grain Film: Capture stunning aerial images with remarkable detail and clarity.
  • Wide Exposure Latitude: The film's broad exposure range allows for more accurate and versatile image capture.
  • ESTAR Base: Provides flexibility, moisture resistance, high tear resistance, and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Emulsion: Ensures durability and protection of your images throughout the processing stage.
  • Antihalation Undercoat & Dyed-Gel Backing: Enhances the film's performance and overall image quality.
  • Compatible with Process C-41 & AN-6: Can be processed in existing C-41 processors or with KODAK EA-5 Chemicals and AN-6 Chemicals, offering flexibility in processing options.
  • Suitable for Digital Film Recorders: This film is recommended for digital film recorders, making it a versatile choice for various applications.
  • Applications: Ideal for medium to high-altitude aerial mapping, aerial reconnaissance photography, and photogrammetry projects in various industries.
  • Nominal Speed, Daylight (no filter): EAFS or ISO A 125, based on development for maximum contrast.

Choose the KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460 for a reliable, high-quality color-negative aerial film that meets your diverse aerial photography needs. Capture impressive images with this advanced film, designed for performance and versatility in every shot.

Buy the least expensive one if you don't care about the branding: Elektra 100. I also carry the higher priced Washi X and Santa Color 100 from time to time. Please use the search feature on the website.

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