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Knowledge Level: professional grade

Recommended Lighting: bright light

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The Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460 is a high-performance color-negative aerial film for diverse applications. 

It is a film of exceptional quality. Why? Because of the purpose of the film. As a medium-speed, fine-grain color negative aerial film, it is specifically designed for aerial mapping and reconnaissance photography. This versatile film boasts a wide exposure latitude, making it perfect for various applications, including geological, pollution, archeological, crop, and forestry studies, traffic control, city planning, and remote sensing.

Key Features

  • Medium-Speed, Fine-Grain Film: Capture stunning aerial images with remarkable detail and clarity.
  • Wide Exposure Latitude: The film's broad exposure range allows for more accurate and versatile image capture.
  • ESTAR Base: Provides flexibility, moisture resistance, high tear resistance, and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Emulsion: Ensures durability and protection of your images throughout the processing stage.
  • Antihalation Undercoat & Dyed-Gel Backing: Enhances the film's performance and overall image quality.
  • Compatible with Process C-41 & AN-6: This can be processed in existing C-41 processors or with KODAK EA-5 Chemicals and AN-6 Chemicals, offering flexibility in processing options.
  • Suitable for Digital Film Recorders: This film is recommended for digital film recorders, making it a versatile choice for various applications.
  • Applications: Ideal for medium to high-altitude aerial mapping, aerial reconnaissance photography, and photogrammetry projects in various industries.
  • Nominal Speed, Daylight (no filter): EAFS or ISO A 125, based on development for maximum contrast.

Choose the KODAK AEROCOLOR IV Negative Film 2460 for a reliable, high-quality color-negative aerial film that meets your diverse aerial photography needs. Capture impressive images with this advanced film, designed for performance and versatility in every shot.

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