McAllen Modeling Portfolio | Comp Card

McAllen Modeling Portfolio | Comp Card

Searching for Fashion Photographers Near Me In McAllen?

Or Searching for Modeling Photographer Near Me in McAllen?

Searching for Comp Card Photographer or Printer Near Me in McAllen?

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Not sure what a Comp or Composite Card is? Check out this link. It is your basic marketing tool as a model. It is your calling card. To be taken seriously and come across as a professional, it is a must to have a Comp Card (8.5 x 5.5”). One important thing to keep in mind when doing a Comp Card is that your headshot (on the front) should have minimum makeup and styling. Why? Because ad agencies or Clients want to see what you look like in the ‘raw.’ This then enables them to see what styling and makeup would be appropriate for the shoot they have in mind. Also, keep ‘Photoshopping’ to a minimum, if you must have it ‘Photoshopped.’ Clients want to see you the way you are – at least in your headshot. For the remainder of the shots (on the back, 4 shots), show your versatility by doing different outfits and different looks. Showcase how you can carry off any style whether it is a Fitness (Gym Clothing) shoot or Evening Wear or Casual Jeans or wearing Shorts or a Picnic Dress or Swimwear or Lingerie. Check out Pinterest for ideas on Comp Card layouts but, keep yours elegant & professional.

Comp Cards are also called by some as Z Card or Zed Card or Sed Card with Comp Card still being the most common name.

Searching for modeling portfolio photographers near me in McAllen?

If you are looking for anything related to getting your Modeling or Fashion Photography Portfolio, I can help. Whether you need images requested by a Modeling Agency for your qualification round or need Comp Cards designed and printed for marketing your Modeling talents, I can help. I am your 1-Stop-Shop for everything from taking the photographs to delivering printed Comp Cards. Additionally, given my Digital and Technology Background, I can also design your web portfolio site. Help you with consistent and professional branding and look regardless of the channel you use to market your talent. Keep in mind that these days, it is acceptable to have an online version of the Comp Card. I would still suggest getting a small number of cards printed as it always makes a favorable impression when you give someone a tangible card. The big advantage of the online version is of course the ability to send it immediately and change out images as needed.

You can ALWAYS bring a supportive friend or a significant other or a family member to ALL shoots. No need to ask – ever. There is a good chance that we will put them to use during the shoot. Also, when possible, I like to shoot two models at a time so that while one is changing and getting ready, I can continue to shoot with the other and they can be supportive to each other.

Searching for Modeling Agencies Near Me in McAllen?

Whether you search for local or regional or national Modeling Agencies, do it cautiously. Agencies that demand substantial sums of money upfront should raise a red flag. Search them by name to see what kind of reputation or reviews they have online and proceed from there.

Are You Under 18 and Want a Modeling Portfolio?

Please have your parent or guardian that can legally sign your Model Release contact me. They MUST be present during ALL shoots – no exceptions.

Need a Modeling Portfolio Started but Are Limited on Funds at This Time?

For a low cost and in some instances at no monetary cost to you, I may be able to help you create a basic Modeling Portfolio. Meaning, if you have a look or concept that I am also looking for, we would trade your time and effort (you provide outfits, makeup, hairstyling) for my time and effort and you receive web quality (meaning you won’t be able to print from them but, can purchase a license to purchase them if you would like) images with my watermark on the bottom right.

How Does the Modeling Photoshoot Work?

Step 1 – I evaluate your current pics, facial features, physique based on the pictures you send me. Send recent pics – headshots, full-body shots along with measurements. If those are taken with a phone, that is fine.

Step 2 – We would setup an in-person meeting or a Zoom or Facetime video call to further discuss concepts. Typically, 3-5 concepts. Go over the Model Release Agreement.

Step 3 – Set a date or dates for the Modeling Photoshoot.

Step 4 – Modeling Photoshoot.

Step 5 – I review the images from the Modeling Photoshoot and edit them as appropriate.

Step 6 – Review images together and finalize.

Step 7 – Provide you with images based on the package you have been quoted and selected.

Please Fill This Form Out In Full For Faster Response


First Name

Last Name






Instagram or Website or Other Online Presence


Modeling Goals – If You Know the Genre You Want to Specialize In, List Here


Under 18, please have your parent/guardian that can sign on your behalf fill this form out. Government-issued identification will be needed at the time of the first shoot to verify age.




Shoe Size

Dress Size / Men – Shirt Size

Prior Modeling Experience, If Any

Referred By or How Did You Find Me?

Best Days & Times for Scheduling Photoshoot – Provide 3 Options

Best Way to Contact You (FB, Insta, SMS) and Best Time to Contact You

Type of Modeling

Select All Genres of Modeling You Would Like to Be Photographed For
Half Portraits (up to the waist)
3/4ths (up to the knees)
Full Length
Poolside – Swimwear – 18+ Years & Older Only
Lingerie or Boudoir – 18+ Years & Older Only
Implied Nudes – 18+ Years & Older Only
Nudes – 18+ Years & Older Only

Headshot & Full-body Shot

If I haven’t photographed you before, please email your recently taken headshot and a full-body shot. Show your current hair color and length. This will speed up the process.

Makeup & Hairstyling

For most shoots, I recommend minimal makeup. Will you be doing your own makeup and hair? For ‘Time For’ shoots, you are responsible for your makeup, hair and, wardrobe.

Yes, I will take care of it

No, I would like for you to try and arrange for someone ($150 per session)

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