FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on Film Cameras and Typewriters on Pino Shah Antiques

Why are your prices higher than what I can buy on eBay or Craigslist?

  1. When was the last time you were able to speak to someone on the phone for your purchase from eBay or Craigslist? We believe in building a non-transactional relationship with our Customers. We offer full-service. Meaning that you can text us for a call-back, DM us, text us or, stop by in person with an appointment for any questions you may have or for expert advice on any photography topic. Once you are our Customer, you have the peace of mind of being able to reach us Monday - Friday, 11 am - 6 pm, CT. Text us at (956) 492-7140 for a call back.

  2. Every film camera we acquire, we randomly film-test beyond just putting a battery in it. For our Canon A-series and Pentax K1000 cameras, we send them to a trained and experienced (now retired) repair person who does a clean, lubricate and, adjustment (CLA) that is $225 value (inclusive of shipping both ways). We do the same for Rolleiflex & Rolleicord cameras ($400 value) for Hasselblad cameras ($550 value for the body and the film-back) and for Leica cameras ($500 value). Lenses are also sent for an overhaul, if necessary ($300-500 value). As appropriate, we film-test the camera a second time. Often, our listings show you the actual photographs taken with the camera listed for sale.

  3. Most of our cameras and lenses include a 30-day warranty with service provided in McAllen.

  4. We include a 1-hour coaching session over a video call to review your purchase. This is to help you understand the features and answer any questions you have. We want your journey of film photography to be rewarding.

So, as you can see, it is not simply about making an online sale. You have the service and support to backup your purchase by having someone you can call to ask questions about your purchase, how to use it, how to care for it, how to store it, how to travel with it, how to make the optimal use of it for a certain genre of photography. All of these full-service or value-added services are seldom available to you when you buy from most other online channels. Yes, on many online channels, you can return your items if you are unhappy with them but, seldom do you have someone knowledgeable you can connect with in-person or via DM, or on the phone. You can reach us Mo-Fr, 11-6p, CT by texting us for a call back (it helps us reduce spam calls) (956) 492-7140.

We sell 35mm, 120 Medium Format, and Large Format 4x5 Film Cameras That Work. Canon, Nikon, Mamiya, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Rolleicord, Pentax, Olympus, Yashica and, more. 35mm & 120 Films For Sale.

Is shipping free? How do you ship? Can I upgrade the shipping?

As of January 2022, shipping rates were increased by all major carriers. So, we had to revise our shipping policy. Shipping is free for some items on the site. Items are shipped fully insured and via the most economical carrier. If you would like to upgrade your shipping, TEXT (956) 492-7140 for a callback and quote on faster shipping.

Do all items work?

Yes, unless it is mentioned in the description that it is for display only.

Where are you located?

McAllen, Texas, 78501, on the Texas-Mexico border, deep South Texas. Note that we do not have a physical location - all business is conducted online.

Do you accept returns? Who pays for the returns?

If the item is not as described, yes. Otherwise, no. All sales are final. Please see our returns & refunds policy.

Do you buy vintage and antique items?

Yes, mostly film cameras and non-electric or manual typewriters. TEXT pictures and pricing to (956) 492-7140 along with any history or background of the item. Do your homework on what price you would like for the item. If you want an evaluation of the item, an estimated price, see next question.

Do you appraise items?

Yes, within our scope of experience and knowledge. You can find the value of most items by looking at complete sales on eBay. Keep in mind that the condition of the item will ultimately determine the value of the item. As dealers, we buy at wholesale prices, clean up items, service them, complete them, refurbish them, repair them and add our profit margin to it. Meaning that we will not pay retail for an item unless we are buying it for our personal collection. To appraise the value of your item, we charge an appraisal fee of $25+ depending on the item. We provide the retail price you can expect to get from sale to a private party, the price you can get by listing it online and, the price a dealer would be willing to pay you.