From Surveillance to Art: The Journey of Steet Candy ATM400 to 35MM Film

Before embarking on its journey as an exceptional film for street photography, STREET CANDY ATM400 played a crucial role inside ATMs, banks, and other sensitive locations, serving as a guardian against crimes!

Having retired from its illustrious career in security, this film has been repurposed, allowing photography enthusiasts to explore the unique character of this emulsion through their favorite 35mm cameras.

ATM400 promises to deliver stunning contrast while preserving rich details across its extensive dynamic range. With its 400 ISO, it’s versatile, forgiving, and is quickly becoming the preferred B&W film for a growing number of film photographers.

Available in 36 exposures, each film is hand-rolled in a recycled 135 film canister and now comes in a brand-new recycled cardboard film box 🌱, marking a step towards eco-friendliness.

High Contrast for Vivid Imagery

ATM400 is renowned for delivering high contrast, resulting in striking black & white images. It’s especially perfect for street photography, ensuring that the mid-tone details are not lost.

Versatile 400 ISO

Boasting a medium sensitivity, ATM400 has you covered in a myriad of situations. For those seeking extreme contrast, it can be pushed up to +1 stop or more!

Exquisite Grain Structure

The film features a soft grain structure, ensuring fine details are captured. It offers a fantastic texture for urban scenes and renders skin tones beautifully.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

In 2020, ATM400 pioneered an alternative to plastic film canisters by introducing unique eco-friendly packaging. Made of durable recycled cardboard and soy-based dyes, it’s a step forward in environmental conservation.

Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a beginner, STREET CANDY ATM400 is a versatile choice for those looking to capture the raw and gritty aesthetics of the streets.

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