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Discover the transformation of ATM400, originally a surveillance film for capturing raw human emotions at ATMs. It serves a higher purpose as a 35mm black & white film, ideal for street photography and beyond. #ATM400 #35mmFilm #FilmPhotography #StreetPhotography

Unlock the alluring contrast and rich gray tones of Street Candy ATM400. This panchromatic black-and-white film is a must-have for street photographers and creative souls. #HighContrast #Panchromatic #BlackAndWhiteFilm

Capture the Light with ATM400

Offering a wide spectrum sensitivity close to IR film, ATM400 is designed for 400 ISO in daylight. You can even push it one stop while preserving shadow details. Seeking a high-contrast look? Go up to 1600 ISO! Under artificial tungsten light, a 320 ISO setting is recommended. #WideSpectrum #DaylightPhotography #HighISO

DIY Processing Made Easy

If you're developing at home, consult our FAQ for Street Candy ATM400 processing times and compatible developers. For unlisted developers, start with the Ilford HP5 chart. Lab users: advise your lab that recycled cassettes are used, as it may affect their equipment. #DIYDeveloping #HomeProcessing #FilmLab

Eco-Conscious Filmmaking

Are you tired of accumulating plastic canisters and concerned about your ecological footprint? We are, too. That’s why ATM400 comes in ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING. Make a difference, one roll at a time. #EcoFriendly #SustainablePhotography #ConsciousChoice

Capture the untold stories of the streets or explore new creative horizons with Street Candy ATM400. 📷🎞️

All images are courtesy of Street Candy and respective photographers

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