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Adox CHS 100 II 120 Medium Format Black & White Film (12 Exposures)

Embrace the bigger picture. The Adox CHS 100 II in 120 format is a medium-speed black and white film ideal for capturing stunning detail and artistic expression.

This versatile film delivers exceptional sharpness, fine grain, and a wide tonal range on your favorite medium format cameras. Whether you're shooting landscapes, portraits, or creative projects, the CHS 100 II 120 captures breathtaking results with a timeless aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Medium Speed (100 ISO): Shoots well in various lighting conditions, from bright outdoors to available light indoors.
  • Fine Grain: Produces smooth, detailed images with minimal grain, even when printed large.
  • Wide Tonal Range: Captures a rich spectrum of tones from deep blacks to bright whites, allowing for exceptional detail in shadows and highlights.
  • Panchromatic Film: Sensitive to all colors of light, resulting in accurate grayscale reproduction.
  • 12 Exposures per Roll: Capture expansive scenes and create unique compositions on each roll.

The Adox CHS 100 II 120 is a perfect choice for medium format photographers who want:

  • A versatile black and white film for a variety of shooting conditions.
  • Exceptional image quality with fine grain and a wide tonal range.
  • The classic look and feel of traditional black and white photography on a larger format.

Expand your creative vision and explore the world of black and white medium format film with the Adox CHS 100 II!

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