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Capture the World in Exquisite Detail: Adox Scala 50 Black & White Transparency Film

Introducing a revolutionary film for discerning photographers: Adox Scala 50! This ultra-fine-grained, super panchromatic black-and-white transparency film delivers exceptional results for those seeking unparalleled sharpness, dynamic range, and classic aesthetics.

Unleash the Power of Black & White Slides:

  • Unmatched Sharpness & Resolution: Scala 50's exceptional resolving power (up to 280 lp/mm) lets you capture intricate details with stunning clarity.
  • Exquisite Grain Structure: Experience near-mythical fine grain, allowing for exceptional enlargements without sacrificing image quality.
  • Dynamic Range Like No Other: For captivating images, achieve a breathtaking spectrum of tones, from brilliant highlights to deep, rich blacks.
  • Versatility at ISO 50: Shoot in various lighting conditions confidently, knowing Scala 50 delivers exceptional results even at its native ISO 50. Push-processing for lower light is also possible.
  • Classic Black & White Aesthetic: Embrace the timeless beauty of black and white with Scala 50's neutral to slightly warm tone.

More Than Just Film:

  • Cost-Effective Excellence: Scala 50 offers an exceptional price-performance ratio, making it a fantastic choice for professional and aspiring photographers.
  • Multiple Development Options: Develop your film using the Adox Scala reversal kit, Foma reversal kit, or through professional labs offering black and white reversal processing.

Unlock the true potential of black-and-white photography with Adox Scala 50!

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