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Discover the premium choice for educators - the Arista.Edu Ultra Line of Film and Paper.

The entire range of Arista.EDU Ultra Films is marked by its superior quality and value for money. These all-purpose emulsions boast fine-grain texture, a full spectrum of tonal range, unrivaled resolution, and a wide exposure latitude.

Key Features

- Traditional Black & White Film
- 35mm Bulk Roll
- ISO 100
- Compatible with standard B&W chemicals
- Arista EDU Ultra variety includes 35mm, 120 Rolls, and various sheet film sizes.
- Reliable supply, priced economically

Note: 35mm x 100 ft. rolls are void of frame numbers or edge markings.

Enhance your photographic experience with the Arista.Edu Ultra Line, designed with educators and students in mind. High-quality and economical - this film line promises to meet all your photographic needs.

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