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Introducing the Cinestill 50Daylight, the world's sharpest and finest-grain color negative film for still photography. This ISO 50/18° speed film stock is daylight balanced at 5500K, making it perfect for shooting in bright light at wide apertures, resulting in high-resolution and low-grain images.

Based on the original Vision3 50D emulsion, this film is prepped and rolled for clean and safe standard photo lab processing or Cs41 development at home. Additionally, it can be processed in Cs2 chemistry for low-contrast motion picture negatives.

What sets the Cinestill 50Daylight apart from other films is its exposure latitude, which exceeds anything digital and even most other films can hope to achieve. You can rate this film anywhere between ISO 12-100 without needing push processing, and you will see almost no grain. However, the chosen ISO you meter will affect your images' color, contrast, shadow detail, and highlight rendering.

When you expose them at a lower ISO, experience warmer images with greater halation in the highlights. Don't settle for mediocre results. Upgrade your photography game with the Cinestill 50Daylight, the world's sharpest and finest-grain color negative film.


  • Kodak Vision 3 5203 film
  • Color negative motion picture emulsion
  • 35mm / 36 exp.
  • Safe for C-41 photo lab processing (Remjet backing free)
  • Resulting in a slight halation effect
  • Daylight balanced (5500K)
  • Unrivaled highlight and shadow latitude
  • High resolution and fine grain for maximum sharpness

#cinestill50d #kodakvision3 #kodakvision5203film #120filmphotography

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