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Capture the essence of classic photography with Ferrania Orto 50 - the quirky cousin of P30. This 35mm black and white film is designed for still photography and features the same high silver content, strong contrast, and practically invisible grain as P30. But with a distinct orthochromatic quality that takes you back to the earliest days of cinema.

Embrace the creative features of orthochromatic films that set them apart from modern films. Use Orto's quirks to your advantage, and shoot at the listed ISO of 50 for optimal results.

Enjoy the process of analog photography and let your creativity flow with Orto. This film is designed to be enjoyed and not analyzed, so feel free to experiment and break the "rules."

With Ferrania Orto, you can capture timeless images that exude nostalgia and charm. Add this unique film to your photography kit today and experience the joy of classic photography. Perfect for vintage camera enthusiasts and photographers too.

#ferraniaorto50 #blackandwhitefilmphotography #35mmfilmphotography #ferraniap30

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