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Knowledge Level: professional grade

Recommended Lighting: bright light

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Flic Film Aurora 800 - Illuminate Your Photography

Key Attributes:

  • Daylight-Balanced Color Negative Film: Perfectly calibrated for daylight conditions, Aurora 800 ensures your photos are vibrant and true to life, capturing the essence of every scene with precision.

  • High ISO for Versatility: Rated at ISO 800 and developed in the standard C-41 process, this film excels in various lighting scenarios, especially where light is scarce.

  • Exceptional Image Quality: Expect only the finest grain, natural skin tones, and sharpness in every shot. Aurora 800 is engineered for clarity and detail, making every photo a masterpiece.

  • Ideal for Challenging Light: Flic Film Aurora 800 is your go-to choice for indoor scenes, dusk landscapes, and any situation where light is a luxury. Its sensitivity and balance allow for flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Aurora 800 by Flic Film stands out as a superior choice for photographers seeking to push the boundaries of their craft. Its sensitivity to low light, the finesse of its grain, and the accuracy of its colors, especially skin tones, make it an unparalleled tool in your photography arsenal. Whether capturing the quiet moments of dawn or the vibrant hues of a setting sun, Aurora 800 brings your vision to life with unmatched brilliance and detail.


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