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HARMAN Phoenix 200 is a quirky, experimental color-negative film with high contrast, strong visible grain, and plenty of ‘analog’ character.

  • The first-ever color film fully made in Mobberley
  • Medium speed ISO 200
  • High contrast and strong grain
  • C41 processing
  • Available as a DX-coded 35mm 36exp film.

Discover the Artistic Charm of HARMAN Phoenix 200: Your Analog Adventure Awaits

Embark on a photographic journey like no other with the HARMAN Phoenix 200, our latest marvel in color-negative film. Crafted meticulously in our Mobberley factory, this ISO 200, C41 color film is a testament to our commitment to excellence - a first in its class, produced from emulsion to cassette entirely in-house.

Unleash your creative spirit with Phoenix's distinctive high contrast and pronounced grain. These signature features forge characterful, unmistakably analog images, setting your work apart digitally. Each frame captures the essence of traditional photography, delivering results that are as unique as your artistic vision.

Optimized for ISO 200, the Phoenix thrives in consistent lighting conditions, offering flexibility to rate between ISO 100 and 400. Whether basking in the sun or capturing backlit scenes, anticipate the enchanting effect of halation to add an ethereal touch to your photos.

Color rendition with the Phoenix is bold, and vibrant, yet beautifully subjective to scanner variations and settings. Achieving the ideal exposure is key; we recommend metering for mid-tones to preserve the delicate balance of shadows and highlights. Remember, the Phoenix favors precision - over, or underexposure can diminish its potential.

Phoenix is not just a film; it's an adventure. Its uniquely tinted negatives and the rare chance of coating anomalies make each shot a serendipitous discovery. Embrace the unexpected and let your creativity soar without limits.

Please note: The HARMAN Phoenix is a limited-edition, experimental journey into the realm of color. As we continue to refine our craft in color film production, differing from our black-and-white expertise, we invite you to celebrate this film's individuality and quirks.

Development: Compatible with standard C41 processing.

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