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Unleash the true potential of black and white photography with ILFORD ORTHO PLUS. This orthochromatic film is designed for exceptional high-resolution copies of negatives, boasting unparalleled fine grain and sharpness. Ideal for landscape photography, ORTHO PLUS's blue and green sensitivity allows for easy handling and inspection under deep red safelight conditions.

Experience unique contrast in your photos, especially in reds and oranges, thanks to its distinctive lack of red sensitivity – a feature that sets it apart from standard panchromatic films. Whether you're shooting in natural daylight or tungsten light, ILFORD ORTHO PLUS adapts effortlessly. It's DX-coded for ISO 80 in daylight, with a manual ISO setting of 40 for tungsten. You also have the flexibility of a one-stop exposure correction.

Processing this film is straightforward, as it works well with standard black-and-white chemicals. Development times and more detailed information are readily available in the technical data sheet or inside the film cartons. Note: Avoid using an amber safelight to prevent fogging.

Key Features:

  • Traditional black-and-white film
  • Rated at ISO 80 for daylight, ISO 40 for tungsten
  • Can be processed using standard black-and-white chemicals
  • Available in 35mm and 120 roll sizes

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