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Upgrade Your Jobo Tank for Rotary Processing: JOBO 1504 Magnet

Transform your Jobo tank into a rotary processing powerhouse with the JOBO 1504 Magnet! This small but mighty magnet unlocks the potential for automated film development when used with compatible Jobo processors (not included).

Revolutionize Your Workflow:

  • Rotary Processing Compatibility: The 1504 magnet attaches to the base of your Jobo tank, enabling it to couple with the Jobo Lift or Autolab processor for hands-free rotary processing.
  • Enhanced Consistency & Chemistry Savings: Rotary processing offers superior consistency in development times and agitation, while potentially reducing the amount of chemistry needed.
  • Simple Installation: The magnet adheres easily to the designated spot on your Jobo tank's base, requiring minimal setup for use.
  • Wide Range of Compatibility: The 1504 magnet works with a variety of Jobo tanks from the 1500, 2500, and 2800 system lines (excluding 3000 and Expert systems).

The JOBO 1504 Magnet is perfect for:

  • Film Photographers Seeking Automation: Experience the convenience and consistency of rotary processing with this simple upgrade.
  • High-Volume Shooters: Automate your development process for faster turnaround times, especially beneficial for those who consistently shoot a lot of film.
  • Anyone with a Jobo Tank (Except 3000 & Expert): If you own a compatible Jobo tank and are curious about exploring rotary processing, the 1504 magnet is an affordable way to unlock this advanced developing technique.

Take your film development to the next level of ease and consistency. Order your JOBO 1504 Magnet today!

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