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Jobo 1540 MultiTank: High-Capacity Film Developing for Serious Hobbyists (35mm & 120 Film)

Elevate your film development workflow with the Jobo 1540 MultiTank, a versatile tank system designed for photographers who demand efficiency and control. This modular powerhouse caters to serious hobbyists and growing studios, allowing you to simultaneously process multiple rolls of 35mm or 120 film. The tank comes with 1 x 1501 reel.

Unleash Your Developing Potential:

  • Process Up to 4 Rolls at Once: Maximize your output by developing 4 rolls of 35mm or 2 rolls of 120 in a single session.
  • Modular Design for Expansion: The 1540 MultiTank forms the foundation for a scalable developing system. Add extension modules (sold separately) to accommodate even more film or different formats.
  • Adaptable Processing Methods: Use the tank for traditional inversion processing with the included lid, or integrate it seamlessly with Jobo processors (additional parts required) for automated rotary processing.
  • Premium Construction: Built with high-quality, break-resistant plastic, the 1540 MultiTank ensures long-lasting performance and reliable chemical resistance.
  • Light-Tight Design: The tank's labyrinth sealing system guarantees complete light protection during development, safeguarding your precious negatives from light leaks.

The Jobo 1540 MultiTank is perfect for:

  • High-Volume Film Shooters: This tank is ideal for photographers who consistently produce a large amount of film and require efficient processing solutions.
  • Experimenters & Creative Photographers: The ability to develop multiple rolls simultaneously allows for more experimentation and creative exploration with different film stocks and techniques.
  • Those Looking to Build a Complete System: The 1540 MultiTank is the core of a modular Jobo developing system, allowing you to customize your setup as your needs grow.

Take your film development to the next level with the Jobo 1540 MultiTank!

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