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JOBO DuoSet 1501: The All-in-One Reel for Flexible Film Processing (35mm & 120)

Are you seeking a versatile film-developing reel that can handle 35mm and 120 film formats? Look no further than the JOBO DuoSet 1501! This adjustable reel offers a convenient and efficient solution for beginners and experienced film photographers.

Unleash Your Film Processing Potential:

  • Adjustable for Multiple Formats: DuoSet's easy-to-use adjustment mechanism allows you to effortlessly switch between processing one roll of 35mm film or two rolls of 120 film.
  • Red Duo Clip for 120 Film: The included red Duo Clip ensures proper spacing when processing two rolls of 120 film simultaneously, preventing overlapping and guaranteeing even development.
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Plastic: Constructed from high-quality plastic, the JOBO DuoSet 1501 is built to last, withstanding the demands of repeated use in your darkroom.
  • Seamless Integration: This reel is designed for all Jobo 1500 series tanks, creating a secure, light-tight developing environment.

The JOBO DuoSet 1501 is ideal for:

  • New Film Photographers: This versatile reel offers a user-friendly solution for processing different film formats as you experiment and grow in your film photography journey.
  • Those Who Shoot Both 35mm & 120 Film: Eliminate the need for separate reels with the DuoSet's adaptability.
  • Anyone with a Jobo 1500 Series Tank: This reel seamlessly integrates with your existing Jobo tank system, maximizing the potential of your developing equipment.

Simplify your film processing workflow with the JOBO DuoSet 1501. Order yours today!

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