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Respooled from 65mm 5203 Motion Picture Film

Introducing the Reflx 50D in 120, the Kodak Vision 3 50D, meticulously re-spooled from fresh 65mm 5203 motion picture film. This film brings the cinematic brilliance and quality of Kodak right into your camera, enabling you to capture your vision with unparalleled clarity.

Rem-Jet Layer Intact

For enthusiasts who love having control over the development process, this film retains its Rem-Jet layer, offering you the flexibility to manage the development according to your artistic preferences.

Low Speed, Fine Grain, Daylight Balanced

With an ISO of 50, this low-speed, fine-grain film is daylight-balanced, making it your ideal companion for capturing vivid and detailed images on those perfect sunny days.

ECN-2 Processing for Optimal Results

Designed for ECN-2 processing, this film guarantees exceptional color reproduction and contrast. Please ensure the availability of ECN-2 development in your area before purchasing.

Sustainability with a Touch of Uniqueness

We are committed to sustainability; hence, the back paper of this film is recycled from labs. Occasionally, slight light leaks on the edge of the film may occur due to variations between spools of different brands, adding a unique touch to your captures.

Step into the world of cinematic photography with Kodak Vision 3 50D. Add it to your cart and let every sunny day be a canvas for your masterpiece!

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