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Developed for Excellence

Unlock the full potential of your cinematic vision with CineColor 50D, specially developed for ECN-2 processing. For those who prefer C-41 chemicals, don't worry! This film comes with a Remjet layer that can be easily removed using an ECN-2 Prebath, making it compatible with C-41 development as well.
#DevelopedForExcellence #ECN2 #C41Compatible

A Kodak Masterpiece

Experience the quality you've come to expect from a leading brand. CineColor 50D is respooled from KODAK VISION3 Color Negative Film 50D. Kodak and Vision are trademarks that stand for quality, and this film is no exception.
#KodakMasterpiece #KodakVision3 #QualityFilm

Daylight-Balanced Brilliance

Designed for low-speed and daylight-balanced photography, this color negative movie film is your go-to for capturing a wide dynamic range. With an exposure index of 50 in daylight conditions, it's perfect for outdoor shoots.
#DaylightBalanced #LowSpeedFilm #WideDynamicRange

Unparalleled Image Quality

Say goodbye to grainy footage. The fine grain structure of CineColor 50D contributes to an exceptionally high level of image sharpness, ensuring that every frame is a work of art.
#FineGrain #HighImageSharpness #NoMoreGrainyFootage

Post-Production Ready

As a part of the esteemed VISION3 series, this 5203 film stock not only offers high archival stability but is also optimized for digital post-production processes. Edit, enhance, and transform your footage without losing an ounce of quality.
#PostProductionReady #Vision3Series #ArchivalStability

Capture the world in its full, daylight glory with CineColor 50D. Add it to your cart today and step up your filmmaking game!
#CineColor50D #CaptureTheMagic #StepUpYourGame

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