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Tailored for ECN-2 Processing

CineColor 500T is specifically designed for ECN-2 development, ensuring optimal color and contrast in your footage. For those who prefer C-41 chemicals, this film includes a Remjet layer that can be seamlessly removed with an ECN-2 Prebath, offering you C-41 compatibility.

Kodak's Cinematic Legacy

This exceptional film is respooled from KODAK VISION3 5219 Color Negative Film 500T, a name synonymous with cinematic quality. Kodak and Vision are trademarks that guarantee you're investing in a product built on a legacy of excellence.

High-Speed, Tungsten-Balanced Versatility

With a 500-speed index, this high-speed, tungsten-balanced film is your ideal choice for a wide range of lighting conditions. Whether you're shooting in high-contrast outdoor settings or mixed interior lighting, CineColor 500T offers unparalleled highlight control and a broad dynamic range.

Crystal-Clear Detailing

Advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT) minimizes grain appearance in the shadows, delivering cleaner detailing and clarity. This is especially beneficial when shooting in low-light conditions, allowing for a more polished final product.

Ready for Digital Transformation

As a member of the esteemed VISION3 series, CineColor 500T boasts high archival stability and is fully optimized for digital post-production. Edit, color-grade, and enhance your footage without sacrificing an iota of quality.

Take your low-light cinematography to the next level with CineColor 500T. Add it to your cart today and unleash the full potential of your filmmaking!

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