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Optimized for ECN-2 Development

Flic Film CineColor 250D is engineered for ECN-2 developers to bring out the best in your footage. For those who are more accustomed to C-41 chemicals, this film features a Remjet layer that can be effortlessly removed with an ECN-2 Prebath, making it C-41 compatible.

A Legacy of Quality with Kodak

This film is respooled from the renowned KODAK VISION3 5207 Color Negative Film 250D. When you see the names Kodak and Vision, you know you're getting a product that stands for cinematic excellence.

Daylight-Balanced with Flexibility

With a 250-speed index, this medium-speed, daylight-balanced film offers a broad dynamic range and exceptional highlight control. Whether you're shooting under the bright sun or in the shade, CineColor 250D adapts to a variety of lighting conditions.

Vivid Colors and Fine Detail

Thanks to Advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT), this film minimizes grain in the shadows, resulting in cleaner detailing and clarity, even in low-light scenarios. Expect vivid skin tones and true-to-life color reproduction in every shot.

Digital Post-Production Ready

As part of the esteemed VISION3 series, CineColor 250D offers high archival stability and is optimized for digital post-production, allowing you to edit and enhance your footage without compromising on quality.

Elevate your daylight cinematography to new heights with CineColor 250D. Add it to your cart now and experience the future of film today!

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