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LegacyPro chemicals are brand name black and white chemicals with the same or similar formulations as Kodak chemicals.  They produce the same high quality results at a great value, so compare and save.

LegacyPro L110 Film Developer is a highly concentrated liquid developer. It is intended for use with a variety of black and white film. It can be used for replenished and non-replenished systems. Use LegacyPro L110R Developer Replenisher (#10191) to replenish. It provides equivalent results to Kodak HC-110, when used similarly.

Like HC-110, there are several recommended dilutions, but Dilution A and Dilution B are the most popular. They can be made using a pre-prepared "stock solution" with a 1:3 dilution; or, they can be made by diluting the straight concentrate:

 - Dilution "A" Working Solution - dilute the stock solution 1:3; or, dilute straight from the bottle 1:15 to make 2 gallons.

 - Dilution "B" Working Solution - dilute the stock solution 1:7; or, dilute straight from the bottle 1:31 to make 4 gallons.


  • Extremely versatile
  • For normal or push processing
  • Liquid
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