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Lomochrome Color ’92 35mm Film: Unleash Burst of Retro Charm (36 Exposures)

Embrace the nostalgic charm of yesteryear with Lomochrome Color ’92 35mm Film! This unique color negative film delivers a captivating aesthetic, infusing your photos with a burst of retro vibes and classic analog character.

Unleash your creative spirit:

  • Rich & Beautiful Grain: Experience the magic of film photography with a healthy dose of beautiful grain, adding depth and texture to your shots.
  • Eye-Catching Colors: Explore a world of fascinating blue hues, vibrant reds, and delicate pastel undertones,creating a truly unique color palette.
  • Versatile ISO 400: Shoot with confidence in various lighting conditions, making this film ideal for capturing everyday moments and artistic experimentation.
  • Standard C-41 Processing: Develop your film conveniently at most photo labs thanks to the standard C-41 development process.
  • 36 Exposures per Roll: Capture a wider range of creative ideas and fleeting moments on a single roll.

Perfect for:

  • Street photography with a vintage twist
  • Evoking a nostalgic mood in everyday scenes
  • Experimenting with creative color effects
  • Anyone who appreciates the timeless appeal of film photography

Add a touch of retro magic to your photography with Lomochrome Color ’92 35mm Film!

Film Size: 35mm Film Type: Color Negative ISO: 400 DX Code: No Development Process: C41 Exposures per roll:36 SKU: f410color

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