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Lomography Color Tiger 110 Film: Unleash Urban Energy in Miniature (24 Exposures)

Capture the raw energy of the city with Lomography Color Tiger 110 Film! This vibrant color-negative film packs Lomography's signature aesthetic into a miniaturized 110 format, perfect for prowling the urban jungle and capturing eye-popping snapshots on the go.

Embrace the Urban Roar:

  • Saturated Colors: Experience the city in a burst of bold colors, ideal for capturing dynamic street scenes and vibrant details.
  • ISO 200: Well-suited for medium to low-light conditions, making it versatile for various urban environments.
  • Beautiful Grain: Embrace film grain's unique, evocative texture, especially when your photos are enlarged.
  • Miniature Masterpieces: Perfectly sized for capturing fleeting moments and creating pocket-sized keepsakes of your urban adventures.
  • Standard C-41 Development: Easy processing at most photo labs.
  • Lomography Legacy: We're proud to be the only one offering new 110 films, keeping this unique format alive!

Perfect for:

  • Street photography with a punch of color
  • Capturing the essence of city life
  • Experimenting with vibrant colors and light
  • Creating unique, miniaturized keepsakes

Let your creativity roar with Lomography Color Tiger 110 Film!

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